Speech Segmentation

If you think about the mechanics of speaking, it’s pretty remarkable: You have to exhale using your diaphragm, use your throat, mouth, and tongue muscles, position your jaw just right, and you have to know when to use emphasis for each syllable- all while trying to remember WTF you were trying to say in theContinue reading “Speech Segmentation”

Loving Yourself Is Essential

Because this is Valentine’s Day, I thought this was the perfect day to give you all a little incentive to put you first- above anyone else- I’m not talking about being selfish- What I’m saying is, in order to have the energy, the inspiration, the motivation to love someone else, you first have to learnContinue reading “Loving Yourself Is Essential”

Brain Plasticity

The day after my mechanical thrombectomy, I underwent the first of several speech, occupational, and physical therapy sessions. All of which were located conveniently inside CPMC hospital- they didn’t have to transport me, which was very cost effective and handy. I had a speech therapy nurse come to my room asking me questions. Still havingContinue reading “Brain Plasticity”

Size Matters

Yes, you read that correctly. When talking about stroke, size for sure matters… :::Dramatic pause::: All strokes are taken very seriously by medical professionals due to the fact that stroke starts to kill brain cells immediately following an attack. Precisely “2 million brain cells die every minute a stroke goes untreated” according to the CDC.Continue reading “Size Matters”

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Have you ever witnessed a toddler experience a tantrum because he wants something and can’t say exactly what it is that he’s wanting? When stroke suddenly makes you go non-verbal, it is immensly frustrating. Similar to the toddler example, we could potentially throw some sort of a tantrum as adults if we can no longerContinue reading “Cat Got Your Tongue?”

OMG! You’re The Jennifer Fisher?!

When I had my CVA stroke on December 6th, 2014, Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, California did not have a stroke department. Memorial Medical Center did, however, place me in the most capable hands of a very accredited hospital who specialized in stroke care. After the first of many seizures in 2015, I was rushedContinue reading “OMG! You’re The Jennifer Fisher?!”

Mechanical Thrombectomy Explained

On December 6, 2014, at the age of 36, I had a Cardio Vascular Attack (CVA) that paralyzed the right side of my body. My stroke was due to a dissection of my artery from blunt force trauma to my neck. It is speculated by some neurologists that there is a link to chiropractor visitsContinue reading “Mechanical Thrombectomy Explained”