Breaking The Language Barrier

The art of communication is what we all learn from an early age for the means of survival.

Communication is how animals interact with other animals. It’s how mammals interact with other mammals. It’s how plant life interacts with other plant life- through mycelium. To learn more about this phenomenon, click here!

As infants, if we cry, we learn that we can potentially be picked up and held. If a baby is hungry, they know how to get it’s mother’s attention to be fed. I can go on and on… my point is communication is vital.

During a child’s first few months of life, they can learn sign language before learning how to speak. This can avoid frustration on both the parent and the child’s behalf.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on

Sign Language is also a great skill for children to utilize throughout their lifespan. In the above image, the woman is signing “mom” or “woman.”

Due to brain plasticity, we can learn sign language- even as adults.

Being a stoke survivor myself, who was trying to find my “voice,” I believe sign language would have been a great tool for me to learn through the process of my recovery.

In the video below, you and your caregivers can learn over 30 simple signs for things you may want, need, or desire.

Go on… give it a shot.

Now, try putting some of the words together.

Nothing is more frustrating than not being understood. Now, maybe you will have a way to communicate to the world- just in a different way.

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Well hello there! My name is Jenni and I'm stoked you decided to check out my blog. I'm a stroke survivor promoting stroke awareness and stroke prevention. I will be providing facts about stroke, depression, mental health and my ways that I've learned to cope.

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