My Stroke of Luck

The day of my stroke was an ordinary day. I was in a small town called Knights Ferry, California helping my now ex husband load a small pickup truck on the back of our trailer. The truck didn’t have a working motor in it, which meant we had to manually push it onto the trailer.

I was trying with all my might to get it onto the trailer when suddenly the world looked different. It was as if I were placed inside a fish bowl looking out. I couldn’t distinguish distance, my vision was skewed, and I couldn’t speak. As I began to melt to the ground, I’d realized the use of my right side was non-existent.

Remembering that I had a massive truck in front of me, I tried to grab a block to prevent it from rolling me over. This was the first of many frustrating tasks that I experienced. It seemed so close to me and yet, I couldn’t reach it. I later learned this phenomenon was due to the location in my brain that the blood clot struck.

One of the reasons why I recovered so well was because I was with someone at the time who was able to recognize what was happening to me. He was quick to respond and he got me the much needed care. “Are you having s stroke?” I heard him say. Instantly I thought to myself, “Pssshhhh only old people have strokes. I’m not old. I’m only 36.”

However, I was indeed experiencing a stroke- a hemorrhagic stroke to be precise. This particular type of stroke is known as the most dangerous type of stroke to have, because you are literally bleeding internally.

Not once did I loose consciousness (well until I was put under for my surgery). Not once was I in pain. Both of which I’ve been told is very unusual. Surprisingly, I can recall every minute of my stroke. Some of the stories are sad, some are frustrating, and some are down right hilarious. But all of which are educational and entertaining read.

(Support Store, 2021)

In this space of my blog, I will be sharing information that I’ve learned through the process of my educational career. Using academic sources such as peer reviewed journals and my education, intertwined with my experience, will give caregivers and medical professionals a great insight as to what is going on inside the mind of a true survivor.

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