OMG! You’re The Jennifer Fisher?!

When I had my CVA stroke on December 6th, 2014, Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, California did not have a stroke department. Memorial Medical Center did, however, place me in the most capable hands of a very accredited hospital who specialized in stroke care.

After the first of many seizures in 2015, I was rushed back to Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, California.

If you’ve ever been placed in a hospital bed, you’ll know when I say, “it’s boring, and sometimes chaotic.” On this particular day, though, I had a nurse who was very interested in hearing my story.

Concerned it was another stroke, they took scans of my brain. While I was awaiting the results from my CT scan, we started talking about my experience with stroke. She disclosed that she was part of a new stroke team for the Memorial Medical Center.

I congratulated her and her team and I wished her luck. I really would love to see other hospitals forming stroke teams. It could save a lot of lives.

During our conversation, I started telling her my story. When I got to the part about the “new procedure,” she stopped me.

The nurse, (looking like a light bulb just switched on), asked me, “what was your doctors name again?” I replied, “Warren Kim.” She looked at my medical bracelet, sat straight up in her chair and said, “Oh My God!!!”

She started searching for her words. Very excitedly she squealed, “you’re the Jennifer Fisher?!” Then, in complete amazement she continued, “The Jennifer Fisher from December 6th!!!” For a few seconds, she sat there in awe.

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Jennifer Fisher was/is my name, I just didn’t know it had such meaning to someone. I was speechless.

For a second, it felt like I was famous. I started to imagine myself up on a stage receiving my award. I always hoped it was an award for my acting skills, but, hey :::shrugs shoulders::: potato, tomato.

In my mind, I will always be the nerdy teenaged thespian with the glasses, the braces, a perm, a tomboy, the whole 9 yards.

So, you can imagine, I was stoked. I felt like it was my shining moment -up on that hypothetical stage. But then I’d realized I was still in my opened back hospital gown, hooked up to machines. My IV drip was slowly descending to my thirsty veins as my heart monitor reminded me that I still have a life to live.

She explained, “Dr. Kim used your case to teach us about Mechanical Thrombectomy following your stroke at a seminar just days after your stroke!”

My memory flashed back to the last time I remembered seeing Dr. Warren Kim. He was standing at my bed side, showing me pictures of the eight centimeter blood clot that he had extracted from my brain.

I remembered him asking for my consent to use my case to help educate other doctors about mechanical thrombectomies. I was so honored to be able to sign such an important, life saving document.

I will always remember the recognition from that nurse. That feeling of accomplishment by just being a fighter. I was making a difference for the stroke community and this, my friends, is what life is about- Making a difference in the lives of others.

According to their web site, Memorial Hospital in Modesto, California has been “recognized as a primary stroke center for their exceptional ability to provide high-quality stroke care” (Sutter Health, 2021).

I am so proud to be a part of such a monumental journey for the city of Modesto, California.

Click here for more information about Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, California.

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