Relieving Anxiety Post-Stroke

Being a stroke survivor myself, I can say that anxiety is crippling at times. You can’t do all the things you could before your stroke-so, you feel worthless. Chores piling up in front of you and you can no longer see over that pile of laundry- or dirty dishes. You may have kids at homeContinue reading “Relieving Anxiety Post-Stroke”

The Trail That Almost Broke My Face

My stroke took place in the left hemisphere of my brain, causing right sided paralysis. The use of my right side has since returned but, with a few tiny hiccups. When I’m walking, there are times when my right foot doesn’t lift up all the way. This usually happens when I’m fatigued. It is reallyContinue reading “The Trail That Almost Broke My Face”

Speech Segmentation

If you think about the mechanics of speaking, it’s pretty remarkable: You have to exhale using your diaphragm, use your throat, mouth, and tongue muscles, position your jaw just right, and you have to know when to use emphasis for each syllable- all while trying to remember WTF you were trying to say in theContinue reading “Speech Segmentation”

Loving Yourself Is Essential

Because this is Valentine’s Day, I thought this was the perfect day to give you all a little incentive to put you first- above anyone else- I’m not talking about being selfish- What I’m saying is, in order to have the energy, the inspiration, the motivation to love someone else, you first have to learnContinue reading “Loving Yourself Is Essential”

Keep Your Bow Straight

I have always been intrigued by nature and exploring the outdoors. As a child, I was the inquisitive, wide-eyed blondie, who was always ready for an adventure. Floating the Deschutes River in Central Oregon, was always a thrill for me. Donning my life vest, loaded with my pack of snacks, and fully lathered with sunscreen-Continue reading “Keep Your Bow Straight”

Sometimes Your Firewood Is Bad

There are times when I need to go into the wilderness alone so I can have a conversation with God. Recently, I packed up my camping gear and headed off to Bass Lake, California. It was such an amazing surprise when I got there and saw snow! I’ve always wanted to snow camp- I wasContinue reading “Sometimes Your Firewood Is Bad”

Do You Believe?

I still remember when those 12 boys and their coach were caught in that cave in Thailand back in 2018. I still remember feeling badly for their concerned families. It was astonishing that the boys displayed no fear, considering the danger they were in. They’ve recently come out with an amazing documentary about their rescue.Continue reading “Do You Believe?”

Brain Plasticity

The day after my mechanical thrombectomy, I underwent the first of several speech, occupational, and physical therapy sessions. All of which were located conveniently inside CPMC hospital- they didn’t have to transport me, which was very cost effective and handy. I had a speech therapy nurse come to my room asking me questions. Still havingContinue reading “Brain Plasticity”


As we start to venture into a new year- with hopes that this year we will actually stick to our New Year resolutions- I thought this was appropriate to share with you all. After my stroke, I was able to leave a constrictive marriage of 19 years. I was able to start my life completelyContinue reading “Self-Liberation!”

Size Matters

Yes, you read that correctly. When talking about stroke, size for sure matters… :::Dramatic pause::: All strokes are taken very seriously by medical professionals due to the fact that stroke starts to kill brain cells immediately following an attack. Precisely “2 million brain cells die every minute a stroke goes untreated” according to the CDC.Continue reading “Size Matters”