The Trail That Almost Broke My Face

My stroke took place in the left hemisphere of my brain, causing right sided paralysis. The use of my right side has since returned but, with a few tiny hiccups.

When I’m walking, there are times when my right foot doesn’t lift up all the way. This usually happens when I’m fatigued. It is really hilarious when I trip on flat surfaces in public. When this happens, I just laugh at myself and move on with my life. Leaving people wondering, “what in the world is going on with that crazy lady?”

Recently, on a hike with my Uncle Marty in Arizona, I had an unfortunate accident. I was trying to use the All Trails app on my phone- while walking. My right foot didn’t lift high enough for me to step over a rock and down I went, face first onto a sharp rock that sliced my face open. Thank the Lord that I wear glasses because without them, I probably would have popped an eyeball.

Thank you, Uncle Marty for being my surgeon for the day. Butterfly Band-Aids, liquid Band-Aid, and a little bit of love goes a long way.

I was able to conquer that same trail that tried to break my face about 3 weeks later- because I wasn’t going to allow a silly trail to defeat me!

The above image was taken about a week after my fall in the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park. I felt so bad for my boyfriend, who had to endure looks and stares from fellow hikers who were assuming he was the culprit of my facial bruises.

The lesson here folks is this:

Don’t let a misstep completely stop you from enjoying life.

Don’t allow your pride to stop you from laughing at your mistakes.

Mistakes mean you are learning.

Learning means you are living.

Published by unconscious2woke

Well hello there! My name is Jenni and I'm stoked you decided to check out my blog. I'm a stroke survivor promoting stroke awareness and stroke prevention. I will be providing facts about stroke, depression, mental health and my ways that I've learned to cope.

3 thoughts on “The Trail That Almost Broke My Face

    1. Hi David! Thank you for the compliment. I don’t know when your stroke was but I wanted to congratulate you on being a stroke warrior! You are strong. You can do anything you put your heart and soul into!

      All the best💪🏻


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